Insurance Law

You’d think it would be a straight-forward process. You insure yourself or your property, damage occurs as a result of a covered peril, and you are reimbursed. It hardly works like this, as the business of insurance becomes all the more profitable with every wrongful denial and every conscious underpayment.

The claims process is often drawn on ad nauseum and the constant back and forth grows tiresome. Let us take care of your claim, we work with old, new, and reopened claims.

Hiring a lawyer who has previously worked the other side of the fence is invaluable to your defense. When seeking counsel, experience is key. At EC Law Counsel, you have us on your side. There isn’t a single person on our team who hasn’t worked some aspect of insurance before. All of this comes together in the form of knowledge and expertise which means: we win the case! We get you what you deserve, and don’t stop until you do.


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