Steps After Homeowners Associations Property Damage in Florida

December 10, 2023

Buying property within a Homeowners Association (HOA) in Florida means agreeing to adhere to specific rules and standards established by the association. These guidelines are designed to maintain the aesthetic…

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Steps After a Business Interruption Claim in Florida

December 7, 2023

In the vibrant business landscape of Florida, interruptions can strike without warning, throwing operations off-balance and leading to significant revenue losses. Whether it’s due to natural disasters, civic disturbances, or…

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Need Help Submitting a Fire Damage Claim in Florida? We Are Here to Help.

December 4, 2023

Living in Florida means facing the constant threat of fires, a challenge that homeowners and business owners must confront throughout the year. When the unthinkable happens, and your home or…

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Steps After a Contents Claim in Florida

December 1, 2023

When unfortunate events, such as a fire or flood, strike your Florida home, not only is the structure of your home affected but your personal belongings—known as “contents”—are also at…

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Smoke Damage Claims: Essential Steps for Florida Property Owners

November 28, 2023

Smoke damage, often as harmful as fire damage, can leave lasting marks on walls, seep into fabrics, and affect the very foundation of your house. Quick action is key in…

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Your Florida Guide to Property Damage Claims Post-Hurricane Idalia

November 25, 2023

Hurricane Idalia was no ordinary storm. Making landfall on Florida’s Gulf Coast as a Category 3 hurricane, it devastated neighborhoods and left a trail of debris across the state. The…

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Steps After Inadequate Security in Public and Commercial Establishments in Florida

November 22, 2023

We all like to think of public and commercial spaces as safe havens where we can shop, dine, and have a good time without worrying about potential dangers. However, inadequate…

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Steps to Take After Mold Damage in Your Florida Property

November 19, 2023

Mold damage poses a significant concern for property owners across Florida. As dedicated property damage claims attorneys headquartered in Hollywood, we have witnessed the far-reaching consequences of unaddressed mold issues.…

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Steps to Take After Appliance Leaks in Florida

November 16, 2023

In Florida, where our team at EC Law Counsel operates, we frequently assist homeowners troubled by appliance leaks. These leaks, typically originating from household appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, or…

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