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If you’ve taken all the right steps to file a business insurance or property damage claim with your insurance company and still received a denial or lowball offer, you need a lawyer who understands the ins and outs of underpaid claims. The fact of the matter is, insurance companies often deny or underpay legitimate claims, you need an attorney on your side to ensure your rights.

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How Will an Insurance Company Try To Underpay Claims?

There are many strategies insurance companies use to underpay claims. Insurance policies often contain confusing language that makes it difficult to understand how to file a claim correctly or understand your policy limits. Other tactics an insurance company might use include:

  1. Outright Denial – Some insurance adjusters automatically deny every claim that crosses their desk and leave it to the legal department to fight disputed claims. Others review each claim on a case-by-case basis but only approve claims for policyholders with higher policy limits, as these customers usually pay more. A lawyer experienced in underpaid claims can help you file an appeal or lawsuit.
  2. Partial Denial or Underpayment – Your insurance company might write you a check for $2,500 to cover their responsibility for a pallet of shingles after you pay your $10,000 deductible. However, your roof might require a $36,000 full roof replacement after you pay the deductible. Gross underpayment of claims is a common tactic insurance companies use.
  3. Bad Faith Claim Process – Any time an insurance company denies, underpays, or delays a legitimate claim intentionally, they are acting in bad faith. Your insurance company may require a multi-step process for your claim, or you may never get updates from the desk adjuster reviewing your claim. These are all bad faith tricks insurance companies use.

Why Do Insurance Adjusters Underpay Claims?

Paying claims in full eats into insurance companies’ profits, so they will likely try everything they can to avoid paying claims for their full value, including:

  • Using algorithmic software to generate lowet estimates
  • Undervaluing claims and making policyholders believe they are offering the true value of the damages
  • Including a release agreement if a policyholder cashes a claim check
  • Not expecting jilted policyholders to pursue underpaid claims with an attorney

What Can an Experienced Insurance Claims Attorney Do To Help My Case?

If you believe your insurance company denied or underpaid your claim in bad faith, our claims attorneys can:

  • Review your insurance policies to find coverage details and limits. We can determine if your insurance company has a valid reason for denying your claim and if they do not, we can hold them accountable
  • Help you document evidence for a claim
  • Negotiate with the insurance company: We can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and reach a settlement. By using our knowledge and experience to negotiate a fair settlement that covers your losses.
  • File a lawsuit against your insurance company if they won’t reopen and pay for your claim. If negotiations fail, our attorneys can file a lawsuit against the insurance company.

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