Denied Claim Lawyer

If An Insurance Company Denied Your Claim, Call Our Florida Denied Claim Lawyer

A denial of claim letter from your insurer can be disheartening. Whether it is a home, auto, or life insurance claim denial, you are likely facing economic pressure from property damage costs and medical bills. 

An experienced insurance claim lawyer at EC Counsel is available for a free consultation. Our law firm has 11 years of experience in denied claims and understands Florida state law. Speak to a denied claim lawyer today at 954-861-0833.   

Determine Why the Insurance Company Denied Your Claim

The claims process is confusing, and denial of insurance benefits occurs frequently. The first step in resolving the matter is determining why the insurer chose to deny your claim. An insurance company may deny a claim for several reasons. The most common include the following:

  • The policy does not cover your damage
  • Failure to comply with policy requirements
  • Error on the claim  
  • The cause of the damage falls under a specific exclusion in the policy

Your Policy Does Not Cover Your Damages

Policies generally exclude damage from earthquakes, floods, and normal wear and tear. However, often an insurance company will improperly apply a policy exclusion to your claim. 

If you have reviewed your exclusions and believe your policy covers your damage, contact an insurance claim lawyer here at EC Law Counsel.

Failure to Comply with Policy Requirements

Your insurance policy requires you to comply with specific mandates to maintain coverage. The most common requirements include the following: 

  • Make payments on time
  • Report a change of circumstance
  • Mitigate damages
  • Report your claim within a set time
  • Provide sufficient information as to the cause of your damage
  • Submit to an examination under oath
  • Provide a sworn statement 
  • Provide a proof of loss
  • Participate in a recorded statement
  • Meet your deductible

A Mistake on the Claim

A mistake on your claim may be innocent or evidence of a bad faith claim. If your insurer denied your claim due to a mistake or out of bad faith, our denied claim lawyers at EC Law Counsel can correct the error and negotiate with the insurance company to seek a reasonable payout.

Retain a Florida Denied Claim Lawyer to Challenge the Denial of Insurance Benefits

You can appeal your insurance benefits denial in two ways. First, you can file an appeal with your insurance company. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit alleging insurance breach of contract. 

Appeal the Denial to the Insurance Company

Having an experienced denied claim lawyer on your side during the appeal is invaluable. Our lawyers have a detailed understanding of insurance law and the appeal process. We will gather evidence to present your claim and reverse the insurance company’s decision. 

File a Lawsuit

If your request for claim reconsideration does not end with a satisfactory settlement offer or resolve the matter, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit against the insurance company. Proving a breach of contract action is critical challenging, and the assistance of an experienced denied claim lawyer is critical. 

If you have grounds and prevail, you may recover damages for:

  • The total amount of your claim
  • Costs and fees

Contact Us for Help Disputing a Denied Claim

If your insurance company denied your claim, speak to a denied claim lawyer in Florida. With over a decade of experience in insurance law, our insurance lawyers can provide a free consultation and outline your options. 

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