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Commercial property owners in Florida rely on their commercial insurance to cover damages in an event like a natural disaster, fire, or burglary. Unfortunately, even if you’ve purchased every type of relevant commercial coverage, you may still encounter a claim denial or frustrating delays.

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What Commercial Insurance Coverage Includes

A typical commercial insurance policy in Florida covers:

  • Structural damage, including the roof, foundation, floors, and plumbing
  • Costs of business equipment and personal items
  • Ordinary payroll coverage for your employees
  • Loss of rent if you own a rental property
  • Civil authority, for example, curfews or mandatory evacuations that may limit access to your business
  • Extra expenses, such as the rent you may pay for a temporary business location while your commercial property undergoes repairs

However, commercial insurance policies may differ depending on the coverages you purchased. Our law firm can examine your specific policy and tell you what costs you may expect to recover.

What Happens When You File a Commercial Property Insurance Claim

Commercial property claims often include more complex damage and higher potential costs than standard homeowners’ insurance, so the claim process may take longer. After you notify your insurance provider of the incident, an insurance adjuster will need to:

  • Determine whether your insurance policy covers the event
  • Assess commercial property restoration costs
  • Provide a valuation of insured items like business equipment
  • Provide a damage assessment
  • Come up with a settlement that includes all your policy clauses

In Florida, an insurance company generally has 90 days to accept or deny your claim and an additional 20 days to pay the settlement.

How EC Law Counsel Helps Commercial Property Owners Recover Damages

As a business owner who faithfully pays their commercial insurance premiums, you may expect a quick and straightforward claim process. However, even if your policy terms seem clear, insurance companies may use dishonest tactics like undervaluing the extent of the damage, misrepresenting policy conditions, or even accusing you of fraud. 

Working with experienced insurance claims lawyers improves your chances of recovering a fair settlement. At EC Law Counsel, we have an outstanding track record of helping business owners settle commercial property insurance claims. We owe our success to:

  • A dedicated commercial property claims lawyer with over 11 years of practice
  • A diverse staff of former claims clerks, insurance adjusters, and other industry professionals
  • Fast, unrelenting legal action and litigation experience
  • Custom-tailored strategies for promoting your claim

EC Law Counsel: Efficient Legal Representation for All Types of Commercial Insurance Claims in Southeast and Southwest Florida

Adequate commercial insurance coverage is crucial to keep your business running smoothly through interruptions like property damage, natural disasters, and theft. If your commercial insurance company attempts to delay or deny your claim, contact EC Law Counsel. Our law firm has helped many business owners in Southeast and Southwest Florida successfully resolve commercial insurance claims.

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