Do You Need a Florida Business Loss Lawyer?

As a business owner in Southeast or Southwest Florida, you face the risk of business losses every day. But did you know that business owners can file insurance claims for a range of  losses beyond those for natural disasters or theft? You might be surprised to discover what losses your insurance policy will cover.

A business loss lawyer with our law firm, EC Law Counsel, can review your business insurance policies to determine what insurance claims you can file and what your policy limits include.

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Most Business Insurance Policies Will Cover These Losses

Your business might suffer any of numerous causes of loss, but you can only file insurance claims to compensate your losses if they are under your insurance policy’s coverage. Some things your insurance company might offer in your business loss coverage include:

  • Business interruption insurance for natural disasters
  • Fraud and employee theft protection
  • Machinery and equipment breakage protection
  • Copyright infringement or forgery loss coverage
  • Delayed start date insurance for anticipated income by a start-up
  • Money theft or loss coverage
  • Personal injury protection during a robbery
  • Credit card fraud or cancellation protection
  • Death or disability insurance for critical operations persons
  • Insurance against a potential crime, including kidnapping, extortion, or hijacking
  • Cybercrime insurance

Contact our law firm to have our business loss lawyer review your insurance policy and explain what insurance claims your business qualifies to receive.

Filing Insurance Claims for Business Interruption and Losses

Your insurance company will require you to file appropriate documentation of your previous income and the losses your business has suffered because of your covered claim. If you fail to file the appropriate documentation for all your costs, your insurance company might underpay or deny your claim.

A business loss attorney with our law firm can review your documentation at each stage of your claim to help you recover the appropriate compensation for your losses.

How a Business Loss Attorney Can Help You as a Business Owner To Manage Your Claim

Insurance companies often deny legitimate claims or underpay claims, even for longtime customers who have never missed a payment. Your business loss lawyer can help you manage your claim, especially if the insurance company acts in bad faith, including:

  • Failing to investigate the claim or denying your claim before conducting an investigation
  • Misrepresenting the coverage in your policy
  • Failing to offer prompt communication about your claim
  • Denying or underpaying a legitimate claim with appropriate documentation

These are common tactics that insurance companies use to force their customers to file a lawsuit against their insurers. Contact our firm today to have a business loss lawyer review your case for a business insurance lawsuit.

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