Experienced Florida Contents Claim Lawyer for Your Home 

Are you dealing with property damage after a storm, fire, or water loss? Have your belongings been damaged after a loss? Have you recently experienced a theft? Your contents policy coverage protects you against various losses reimburses you for damaged, lost, or stolen items. EC Law Counsel has over a decade of experience in insurance law as contents claim lawyer in Florida. Our diverse, compassionate staff provides fast, reliable service when it matters.

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Trusted Home Contents Claim Lawyer in Hollywood, Florida

Floridians are familiar with the destructive power of natural disasters, fires, thefts . Losses like these can result in property damage which may require you to file a claim and hire a lawyer.

Our law firm focuses on disaster mitigation for your home by inventorying your personal property for your insurance claim. Our inventory service assists you in reporting the total value of the lost items for your home insurance claim to insure you receive the right amount of compensation.

What Does a Contents Claim Lawyer Do?

If you need to file an insurance claim due to personal property loss, you must document those losses for your insurance company. You should document each item with as much information as is available, including

  • Detailed description of the items
  • Receipts
  • Photographs
  • Cost at the time of purchase
  • Cost to replace

This becomes a challenging task in the event of a significant loss when you are under a deadline to produce this documentation.

At EC Law Counsel, we help with your claim, including:

  • Review your policy and coverage
  • Report your claim
  • Create a detailed list describing each item and its value
  • Negotiate with your insurance company

Allow a contents claim lawyer from EC Counsel to take these matters off your plate.

Why Hire a Contents Claim Lawyer?

After a disaster, you need time to heal. Allow us to remove the burden of dealing with the insurance company from your shoulders.

Negotiating an insurance claim involves understanding the following:

  • Depreciation: The amount by which your insurance company reduces the value of your lost items due to age and normal wear and tear.
  • Actual cash value of items: The value of your lost items after depreciation.
  • Replacement costs: The cost to replace your items.
  • Tax consequences after a disaster: Federal tax considerations concerning natural disasters.

If you are unfamiliar with these concepts, you may unknowingly accept an unfair settlement. For example, there is no one universal depreciation schedule. As a result, your insurance company may use a depreciation schedule that reduces your payout. At EC Law Counsel, we will obtain experts to conduct proper evaluation of your loss and obtain a settlement you deserve.

When filing a claim, you are responsible for providing all extensive list of inventory and litany of documents request to your insurance provider. Your insurance company may ask you to give a recorded or sworn statement. Only agree to this request once you have spoken to an insurance lawyer who has reviewed your case.

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