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When a hurricane strikes Southeast and Southwest Florida, your business could suffer an interruption of regular operations. Such natural disasters or other accidents can cause physical damage to your insured business property and temporarily stop the operations of your business. Did you know that most business owners have business interruption coverage in their insurance policies to cover certain expenses while shut down or at reduced capacity?

If your company faces disaster-related damage, speak with our business interruption claim lawyer at EC Law Counsel. Based in Hollywood, FL, we proudly serve all of Southeast and Southwest Florida in business and insurance law. Call us at 954-861-0833 to schedule a consultation.

What Natural Disaster Protection Do Most Business Interruption Policies Offer?

If your business damages qualify to receive business interruption coverage under your business insurance policy, your insurance company could provide compensation for your claim for:

  • Loss of income due to interruption in regular operations
  • Continued operating expenses, including bills, equipment rental costs, and more
  • Temporary business relocation costs
  • Costs to restore the business to full operating capacity

However, your business must qualify for business interruption coverage based on the damages to your business, inventory, and equipment. Most policies business cover interruption as a result cover natural disaster damage from hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms,  fires, vandalism, or water damages. 

Insurance companies also usually don’t cover losses due to voluntary evacuations, losses sustained without damage to the property, or short-term shutdowns of your business for less than 72 hours. Contact our business interruption claim lawyer for more information about what qualifies for business interruption coverage in your insurance policy.

Using Business Interruption Coverage in South Florida

When filing your business interruption claim with your insurance provider, you’ll need documentation of invoices from prior to the interruption to justify your expenses, income, and profits, as well as any expenses or losses incurred during the interruption. Documents you’ll need include:

  • Equipment rental invoices or purchase and depreciation accounting journal entries
  • Inventory audit records before and after the event
  • Bills associated with your business operations
  • Payroll records from prior to the damage
  • Bank statements and receipts

Business interruption policies often limit the amount of damage a policyholder can claim, as well as specific excluded expenses. You will need to justify any cost or expense you claim with your insurance company with the corresponding records, including your estimates for income from prior to the damage. Be sure to keep such records safe from damage.

What Business Interruption Lawyers Do for Business Owners

Business interruption lawyers help business owners interpret their insurance policies to determine how much business interruption coverage they have and then negotiate with the insurance provider to obtain a just settlement. 

Our experienced business interruption claim attorney can help you interpret your policy and gather the documentation you will need to file your claim successfully.

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When your business in Florida experiences interruptions in operations due to a natural disaster or accident, contact us at EC Law Counsel. A business interruption claim lawyer with our firm can help you file your claim, present documentation, and file suit if necessary. Do not miss out on what is rightfully yours.  Call us at 954-861-0833 to schedule a consultation.