Fire Damage Lawyer

Fire can cause devastating structural damage to your home, destroy your possessions, and leave you with overwhelming restoration expenses. Although a standard homeowners’ insurance policy covers accidental fires, Florida property owners often need legal help pursuing damage claims.

If your home catches fire, working with an experienced fire damage lawyer will drastically  improve your chances of reaching a fair settlement agreement with your insurance company. Call EC Law Counsel at (954) 861-0833 for a free consultation with a fire damage attorney serving Southeast and Southwest Florida.

What Does Fire Damage Insurance Cover in Florida?

Typically, homeowners’ insurance will pay for fire and smoke damage to:

  • Your home
  • Personal property- items such as furniture, clothes, electronics, and kitchenware
  • Other structures on your property, like garages, storage sheds, and barns

It’s important to study your specific policy to understand the upper coverage limit and what the policy excludes. For example, homeowners’ insurance may not cover wildfires. A fire damage attorney can help you understand whether you have a legitimate claim.

What To Do After a Fire

We will need to report the fire event to your insurance company as soon as possible. With the assistance of an expert, your damages need to be fully documented by taking video footage, photographs and creating an estimate of total damages. Your insurance company may ask you to partake in a recorded statement, examination under oath, or submit to them a litany to documents including a sworn statement proof of loss. The insurer must acknowledge your claim within 14 days, resolve it within 90 days.

After a fire, taking the necessary steps to protect your property from further damage is crucial. This is what the insurance company often refers to as mitigating your damages. If you pay for any contractor work out of pocket, save those bills to claim reimbursement later. Be wary of extensive DIY restoration attempts, as these may worsen the damage and even interfere with your claim.  

Do You Need a Fire Damage Lawyer?

While you can file a fire damage claim yourself, many insurance companies will use unethical tactics to pay you as little as possible. An unscrupulous insurer may try to undervalue the extent of the damage, drag out the claim process to exhaust you, or even accuse you of arson.

When you work with EC Law Counsel, you know your fire damage claim is in safe hands. Our savvy team includes former insurance adjusters and claims clerks, so we know exactly how insurance companies work and how to forward your claim.

We will:

  • Examine your fire coverage and give you an estimate of what settlement you may expect
  • Help you provide an independent, realistic property damage assessment from certified contractors
  • Take care of the claim process and ensure you are complying with all your duties after loss
  • Handle all inspections and communications with your insurance company
  • Give you timely, frequent updates on your claim’s status
  • Appeal a claim denial if your insurer unlawfully refuses to pay
  • Obtain a settlement that fully indemnifies you

EC Law Counsel: Handling Fire Damage Claims in Southeast and Southwest Florida

Did your Florida home sustain fire damage? Is your insurance company attempting to deny or minimize your property damage claim? Our skilled legal team can examine your insurance policy, negotiate with your insurer, and appeal a denied claim. Over the past 11 years, our law firm has helped protect the rights of homeowners whose properties suffered fire damage in Southeast and Southwest Florida.

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