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As a property owner who invested in insurance coverage, you expect your insurer to step up and cover damages your policy includes. Unfortunately, many Southeast and Southwest Floridians encounter unfair insurance claim denials, delays, or lowball settlement offers they don’t have the time or resources to fight.

If you believe your insurance company has violated its obligations, call EC Law Counsel at (954) 861-0833 for a free consultation with an insurance coverage dispute lawyer serving Southeast and Southwest Florida. We can assess your case, protect your rights, and provide reliable legal strategies to resolve your insurance dispute.

Why Insurance Disputes Occur

Some claim denials happen simply because the property owner doesn’t fully understand the terms of their policy. However, many insurance companies try to wriggle out of legitimate claims by using various bad-faith tactics, including:

  • Disputing the causes of property damage (e.g., claiming there’s no proof the damage occurred because of a recent hurricane)
  • Misrepresenting the policy terms to a client. The policyholder and the insurance company may have different interpretations of what is covered under the policy. For example, the policyholder may believe that certain damage is covered, while the insurance company may take a different stance.
  • Undervaluing repair costs and other damage-related expenses. Policyholders and insurance companies may disagree over the extent of the damage caused by the loss or the value of the property that was lost. This can lead to disputes over the amount of the insurance payout.
  • Accusing the homeowner of fraud or improper maintenance. Insurance companies may suspect policyholders of committing fraud, such as exaggerating the value of their losses or making false statements on their insurance claim.
  • Delays in the claims process: Insurance companies may take an inordinate amount of time to process or pay a claim, to wear down policyholders and make them more likely to accept a lower settlement. This can be frustrating for policyholders and lead to disputes.
  • Trying to rush the homeowner or business owner into signing an unreasonably low offer
  • Denying valid claims without proper investigation: Insurance companies may deny valid claims without properly investigating them or providing a reasonable explanation.
  • Reserving the right to audit: Some companies reserve the right to audit a policyholder’s records and applications after a claim has been made in order to find any errors or omissions that they can use to deny the claim

Many of these unethical strategies exploit the client’s stressful situation. In the aftermath of a hurricane or other natural disaster, homeowners are anxious to start restoring their property and may be too tired to fight their insurer. That’s why property owners need an experienced insurance coverage dispute lawyer to handle their claims.

Resolving Insurance Coverage Disputes in Florida

Insurance companies have resources unavailable to the average property owner, including legal teams that represent insurers and suggest ways to avoid liability. Hence, disputed insurance claims require assertive representation by a competent lawyer.

Most insurance disputes won’t involve litigation. Often, your insurer will become more cooperative and extend a better settlement offer as soon as they realize you’re working with a knowledgeable insurance dispute attorney.

How EC Law Counsel Can Help in Your Insurance Dispute

The diverse team of EC Law Counsel includes former insurance adjusters, claims clerks, and other insurance professionals. Our extensive industry knowledge, 11 years of experience, and dedicated, personalized approach give us an edge in handling insurance disputes.

Our law firm can:

  • Examine your insurance policy and assess your claim
  • Ensure that your claim documentation is free of errors and omissions
  • Advocate for your rights as we negotiate with your insurer
  • Appeal an unfairly denied claim and, if necessary, take your case to the appropriate court

EC Law Counsel: Fighting for Your Rights in Disputed Property Damage Claims in Southeast and Southwest Florida

Has your insurance company denied, undervalued, or dragged out your claim? EC Law Counsel is here to safeguard your rights. In over a decade of representing clients who encountered claim denials or low settlement offers, we have successfully resolved many insurance disputes in Southeast and Southwest Florida.

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