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As a Florida condominium unit owner, you probably count on your condo property damage insurance to cover damage from events like hurricanes, fires, burglary, and flooding. However, condo damage claims are often complex. Working with a seasoned condominium association property damage lawyer can ensure that you make the most of your insurance coverage.

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How Property Insurance Works in Condominiums

A standard homeowners insurance policy covers an entire dwelling (and often outbuildings as well). In condominiums, the unit owners pay monthly fees to a HOA, which insures and maintains the condo building’s structure and communal areas. The unit owner must also purchase separate insurance to cover individual unit damage in events like:

  • Fires
  • Hurricanes
  • Burglary and vandalism
  • Water damage
  • Flooding

Because at least two insurance companies are usually involved in condo property coverage, it’s often tricky for a unit owner to negotiate a settlement. Our law firm can help you understand what your insurance policy covers and who should compensate you for damage to your condo unit and personal property.

What to Do When Your Condominium Property Suffers Damage

If your condo unit sustains damage in a policy-covered incident, you should:

  • Document all damage and write down a detailed record of the event
  • Notify your insurance agent of the incident
  • If possible, wait with any repairs until you get the green light from your insurer, apart from emergency work to protect your property from further damage

Why You Need a Proficient Condominium Association Property Damage Lawyer

When you examine your condo insurance policy, you may conclude that recovering a settlement should be easy. However, even if your policy looks clear, many insurance companies use underhanded tactics to deny or minimize claims. An insurer may assert that the damage occurred for reasons your policy doesn’t cover, drag out your claim, or even accuse you of fraud.

At EC Law Counsel, we know how condo insurance claims work and how to negotiate with your insurer on your behalf. Our law firm has successfully resolved many condo association property damage claims in the area of Southeast and Southwest Florida, thanks to:

  • Over 11 years of local condo insurance claims experience
  • A knowledgeable, hardworking staff with insider knowledge of the property insurance industry
  • Fast and dedicated personal legal support for each client

EC Law Counsel: Efficient Legal Support for Condominium Damage Claims Serving Southeast and Southwest Florida

Are you preparing to file a condo unit damage claim? Has your insurance company already denied your claim or made you a lowball offer? Get in touch with EC Law Counsel. Our skilled condominium association property damage lawyer has helped many condo owners in Southeast and Southwest Florida, recover insurance settlements after fires, burglaries, and extreme weather events.

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