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As a HOA board member or property manager, you must comply with many complex regulations in your property damage claim. You need to navigate HOA commercial insurance, which is often more complicated than regular homeowners’ insurance, and possibly provide insurance-related information to unit owners. Let us help you navigate the claims process and advocate on your behalf to ensure that you receive the coverage and settlement to which the association is entitled under their policy.

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HOA and Condominium Insurance Requirements

In Florida, condominium property must undergo appraisal once in three years for insurance purposes. Insurance requirements for HOAs are more flexible and depend on the individual HOA’s governing documentations, which usually:

  • Stipulate a minimum insurance requirement
  • Cover certain upgrades and renovation costs
  • Include liability insurance for injuries that occur on HOA premises

Your HOA board should periodically evaluate its insurance to make sure it answers the association’s needs and requirements.

What Types of Losses Does HOA Insurance Cover in Florida?

A typical HOA insurance policy in Florida covers:

  • Structural damage from hurricanes, storms, and fires
  • Damage to common areas of the community, including exterior buildings, clubhouses, the building’s parking lot, pool, and landscape
  • The building’s property, like broken gates, water lines, heaters, and sprinkler systems
  • Certain personal property items owned by the association, such as playground or fitness equipment
  • Damage from crimes like vandalism and theft
  • In some cases, personal injury costs that occurred on the premises

Please keep in mind that the exact terms of your coverage depend on your specific HOA insurance policy. Many homeowners associations’ insurance claims encounter a denial because of imperfect understanding of the policy’s terms. Our law firm can examine your building’s insurance policy and let you know what costs you may expect to recover.

How EC Law Counsel Can Help Your Case

Even if your homeowners’ association complies with all the HOA insurance requirements in Florida and faithfully pays its premiums, your HOA board may still run into a claim denial or an unreasonably low settlement offer. Unfortunately, some insurance carriers try to save money by attempting to deny, minimize, or drag out legitimate claims.

At EC Law Counsel, we have over a decade of experience helping HOAs and condominium associations recover property damage claims. Our staff, which includes former insurance adjusters and claims clerks, offers the industry insider knowledge and skills you need to advance your claim.

Our homeowners association property damage lawyer can:

  • Make sure your claim follows all procedures and includes the relevant supporting documentation
  • Communicate with your insurance adjusters and negotiate with your insurance company
  • If necessary, appeal a denied claim or a low settlement offer

EC Law Counsel: Handling Property Damage Insurance Claims for Homeowners Associations (HOAs) in Southeast and Southwest Florida

Did your building suffer damage from fire, vandalism, or one of the extreme weather events that often occur in Florida? Call EC Law Counsel for a reliable assessment of your HOA insurance claim. Our law firm has helped many HOA board members in and around Southeast and Southwest FL recover settlements on behalf of their homeowners associations.

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