Water Damage Lawyer

With year-round rains and the constant threat of hurricanes, Florida homes are at high risk of water damage. Property owners often invest in a broad homeowners’ insurance policy for their peace of mind, only to discover that their insurer attempts to deny or minimize their claim when disaster hits.

If your home sustained damage from rain, flood, water backup, plumbing leaks, or other causes, you need an experienced water damage lawyer to forward your claim. Call EC Law Counsel at (954) 861-0833 for a free consultation about the water damage claim process in Florida.

Insurance Coverage for Different Types of Water Damage

Florida properties may sustain water damage for various reasons, including:

  • Leaking or burst pipes
  • Water or sewer backup
  • Water heater burst
  • Hail
  • Natural disasters like floods and hurricanes

The coverage for various types of water damage depends on your homeowners’ insurance policy. For example, homeowners’ insurance rarely covers floods. Many insurance companies will cover unpredictable damage but not damage that routine maintenance should reasonably have avoided, like old sump pump issues. An experienced water damage lawyer can help you understand what your policy covers.

The Water Damage Insurance Claim Process in Florida

As soon as you notice that your property has sustained water damage, notify your insurer. The insurance company must:

  • Officially acknowledge your claim within 14 days
  • Confirm the status of your claim (covered, under investigation, or denied) within 30 days
  • Resolve your claim within 90 days, in most cases
  • Pay you within 20 days of reaching a written settlement agreement

Why You Need a Water Damage Lawyer

If you are a property owner with a water damage case, you may believe all you need to do is inform your insurer of the damage and wait for compensation. However, water damage claims can be complex, and not all insurers act in good faith. In some cases, homeowners’ insurance companies may offer misleading information, drag out the claim, or attempt to downplay the extent of the damage.

A skilled water damage lawyer can:

  • Assess the extent of your homeowners’ insurance policy’s coverage
  • Help you source an accurate valuation of property damage
  • Handle the claim process, including compliance with your duties after loss
  • Communicate with your insurer and work to negotiate a reasonable settlement
  • If necessary, appeal an unjustly denied claim

EC Law Counsel’s team has extensive knowledge of the insurance industry as former insurance adjusters and claims clerks. In the 11+ years our boutique law firm has served Southeast and Southwest Florida, we have helped homeowners resolve countless water damage claims, including claims that have already encountered denial and dragged on for years.

EC Law Counsel: Handling Old and New Water Damage Claims in Southeast and Southwest Florida

Are you preparing to file a water damage claim? Has your homeowners’ insurance provider already denied your claim? We can help you. At EC Law Counsel, we have over a decade of experience successfully handling all types of property damage claims in Southeast and Southwest Florida.

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