Negligent Security Attorney in Florida

Public and commercial establishments have a legal obligation to provide adequate security to lawful visitors. If you or a loved one have suffered injury or death due to inadequate or negligent security or if you have been the victim of a crime on someone else’s property, and that property owner failed to provide adequate security measures to prevent the crime. We can help you seek compensation.

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What Is Inadequate Security?

Injuries resulting from inadequate or negligent security on commercial or public property fall under the umbrella of premises liability. Establishments must take reasonable care to protect the health and safety of lawful visitors, such as customers, employees, and members of the public. This duty extends to implementing appropriate security measures such as:

  • Hiring security personnel
  • Provide training to their employees and security personal
  • Maintaining the property
  • Background checks
  • Fencing
  • Door locks
  • Adequate lighting
  • Surveillance
  • Access control
  • Security cameras
  • Security guards

The type and extent of security appropriate in the circumstances will depend on the size, location, and use of the property.

Where Do Negligent Security Incidents Take Place in Florida?

Inadequate security incidents can occur in a wide variety of settings where individuals are present. Common locations for inadequate security incidents include:

  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centers
  • Hotels and motels
  • Apartment complexes
  • Parking lots
  • Parking garages
  • Stairwells
  • ATMs
  • Banks
  • Gas stations
  • Community pools
  • Cruise ships
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare facilities

Do I Have a Negligent Security Claim?

If you or a loved one suffered injuries resulting from criminal activity in a public or commercial venue, you might have a case. Inadequate security claims often involve violent crime, such as:

  • Robbery
  • Mugging
  • Shooting
  • Stabbing
  • Assault
  • Rape
  • Murder

These are serious crimes. If a property owner or manager has failed to implement adequate security, they should be held accountable. An inadequate security lawyer from our team at EC Law Counsel can review your case, advise if you have a claim, and identify the liable parties.

What Compensation Is Available in Negligent Security Claims?

Damages available in inadequate security claims include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Property damage

The specific damages you may be eligible for would depend on the type and severity of your losses and the circumstances of the incident.

Do You Need To Hire a Negligent Security Lawyer?

While hiring an attorney isn’t technically necessary, having legal representation may increase your chances of recovering compensation. At EC Law Counsel, we can support your claim by:

  • Providing legal advice
  • Investigating the incident
  • Conducting legal research
  • Gathering evidence to build your case
  • Communicating with the responsible party and their insurance company or legal counsel on your behalf
  • Representing you in court

Speak to a Florida Negligent Security Lawyer

At EC Law Counsel, we believe businesses and property owners who fail to provide appropriate security should face legal consequences.

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries due to inadequate or negligent security, call (954) 861-0833 or contact us online today for a free consultation. We serve clients in Hollywood, FL, and throughout Southeast and Southwest Florida.