What to Do If an Insurance Company Denied Your Claim

As a commercial property owner in Florida, you may count on your insurance coverage to pay for property damage and related costs, like your employees’ payroll or rent of a temporary building. If an insurance company denied your claim, you can run into major cash flow difficulties as you face unexpected out-of-pocket costs. So, what should you do if you encounter insurance claim denial?

Why Insurance Providers in Florida Deny Claims

Commercial property insurers may deny claims for different reasons. For instance, your insurance company may state that:

  • You didn’t follow filing guidelines or timelines
  • You failed to keep up with your insurance premiums
  • You provided insufficient evidence or didn’t disclose important property features
  • Your claim involved false or inconsistent statements
  • The property damage occurred because of your carelessness or negligence
  • The claim exceeds your policy’s cap

Some claim denials are legitimate or result from misunderstandings. However, insurance claims adjusters may deliberately use underhanded tactics to deny your claim, pay as little as possible, or drag out your case.

Steps to Take If an Insurance Company Denied Your Claim

If your insurance company denied your claim, contact an experienced commercial property claims lawyer. Many commercial property owners who run into claim denials are able to reach a successful resolution with the assistance of a skilled attorney.

Your lawyer will help you file an appeal, including a letter explaining your case and supporting evidence for your claim. The insurer must respond to your appeal within 30 days.


  • Study your policy and understand what it covers
  • Look into the stated reasons for your claim’s denial
  • Gather all available evidence of property damage
  • Be careful when communicating with your insurer and avoid any statements that could damage your claim
  • Start working with an experienced commercial property insurance attorney as soon as possible


  • Give up on your claim
  • Attempt to argue with insurance company representatives
  • Escalate your claim without competent legal help

How an Experienced Lawyer Can Help With a Denied Property Claim

Because commercial property claims often involve high stakes and a complex resolution process, it’s always advisable to work with a competent lawyer. This is doubly true if your claim is denied.

An experienced commercial property claims lawyer can:

  • Provide an accurate evaluation of your claim and let you know whether there’s a high chance your insurer is acting in bad faith
  • Help you source and present compelling supporting evidence, like an independent appraisal
  • Negotiate with your insurer and work hard to reach a reasonable settlement
  • Advise you on further legal steps, such as taking your case to court, if the insurance provider wrongfully refuses to settle

EC Law Counsel: Assertive Legal Support for Denied Insurance Claims in Hollywood, FL

If an insurance company denied your claim, contact EC Law Counsel. A skilled commercial property insurance attorney will examine your claim, suggest the optimal legal strategy for your case, and advocate for your rights throughout the appeal process.

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