Gratitude For The Service of Veterans and So Much More

Retailers have been reminding us for a while now that the holiday season is approaching quickly. Many of us tend to think of Thanksgiving as the kick-off to the holiday season, and we certainly appreciate the opportunity to take the time to thank those who make a difference in our lives.

But at EC Law Counsel, we want to start by commemorating a holiday that often gets overlooked in the rush to plan menus and buy gifts. We want to thank and honor those who have served our country through service in the armed forces.

Thank You, Veterans

Because we focus our practice on recovering compensation for property owners who have suffered from damage, we are keenly aware of the value of the home. It is far more than a place to eat and sleep. Our homes are places of refuge where we feel at peace and gain the energy to move forward with our lives.

The service members we honor on Veterans Day worked hard to defend our homes. We owe them a debt that is hard to fully comprehend. Peace and security are factors we often take for granted and notice only when they are suddenly lacking. Our clients who have lost a home due to a hurricane, fire, or other disaster understand this loss, but most of us never have to experience the loss of a secure home and we have veterans to thank for that.

Thank You, Clients and Colleagues

We are also thankful for the wonderful clients and colleagues we have had the fortune to work with. We are grateful that you put your trust in us. We appreciate it when you ask questions because that gives us the chance to explain issues that enable you to make informed decisions. We are thankful when you provide documents and paperwork in a timely fashion. Your assistance in this regard makes it possible for us to serve you to the best of our ability, but we know it is often a challenge. 

We are also grateful when you recommend our services to others. Your endorsement means a lot to us and helps us to see that we are really making a difference. And it gives us the opportunity to assist even more people, which we also appreciate.

Best Wishes for All of the Holidays

Starting with Veterans Day, moving to Thanksgiving, and on through the rest of the holiday season, the team at EC Law Counsel wishes you nothing but the best.

Happy holidays!


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