Steps After Inadequate Security in Public and Commercial Establishments in Florida

We all like to think of public and commercial spaces as safe havens where we can shop, dine, and have a good time without worrying about potential dangers. However, inadequate security can disrupt this peace of mind. If you’ve been a victim of a crime or accident due to insufficient security, it’s crucial to know the steps you can take to protect your rights and seek justice. This is where EC Law Counsel comes in.


Identifying Inadequate Security

Inadequate security can manifest in various ways—poorly lit parking lots, broken surveillance cameras, or an absence of security guards. In Florida, property owners have a responsibility to ensure adequate security measures. If you’ve experienced harm due to what you believe is inadequate security, jot down any lack of measures you noticed. This documentation will be vital for any claim you may want to pursue.


Reporting the Incident

First things first, make sure to report the incident to the establishment and the local authorities as soon as it happens. Whether it’s theft or an assault, getting the incident on record is the first crucial step in building your case. In Florida, this will typically involve filling out an official incident report, which you should ask to receive a copy of for your own records.


Seeking Immediate Medical Attention

After an incident it is crucial to get a medical check-up. Sometimes, injuries can manifest days or even weeks after the incident. A medical record can serve as evidence, confirming that the injuries were indeed a result of the incident due to inadequate security. This can be particularly helpful in Florida, where laws are specific about evidential support for claims.


Documenting Evidence

First, use your smartphone to capture photos of the scene where the incident occurred. This includes any broken locks, dim lighting, or other conditions that contribute to inadequate security. Don’t forget to snap pictures of your injuries. If possible, timestamp these images or use a feature that geo-tags them to the location.

In addition to photographic evidence, jot down notes about the event while it’s fresh in your mind. Did you see any security cameras? Were they operational? Note these down. And if there are witnesses, approach them and politely ask if they’d be willing to provide their names and contact details. Their testimony could be invaluable later. The more thorough your documentation, the stronger your position when you decide to move forward with a claim.


Contact a Florida Negligent Security Lawyer

Laws surrounding inadequate security in Florida can be overwhelmingly complex. It’s crucial to consult with a knowledgeable negligent security lawyer who can help you make sense of your legal rights and options. At EC Law Counsel, we’ve guided numerous clients through the labyrinth of Florida laws to help them file successful claims against property owners who’ve failed in their duty to provide adequate security.

After initial contact, we arrange for a comprehensive consultation to review all the details of your case. This not only helps us understand the specifics but also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We then identify the potential courses of action tailored to your unique circumstances.


Evaluating Your Options and Next Steps

Once you’re on board with EC Law Counsel, the next steps become more concrete. Depending on the facts of your case, we could aim for negotiation with the property owner to secure a fair settlement. Some cases might require more aggressive action, such as taking the matter to court. Rest assured, whatever the course, you’re not navigating this complex process alone.

In either scenario, we prepare you for what to expect and guide you through each stage. From collecting more evidence, if needed, to preparing you for any hearings, you’ll never be in the dark. We’ll continually update you on the status of your case, any developments, and any obligations you need to fulfill. The goal is to make the process as stress-free as possible for you while we fight for justice on your behalf.


Choose EC Law Counsel, Get the Help You Need Today

At EC Law Counsel, we understand the trauma and confusion that can follow incidents involving inadequate security. Our friendly and approachable team is here to help you through this difficult period. With years of experience in representing clients across Florida, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands. Call us in Hollywood, FL at 954-861-0833 or in Fort Myers, FL at 239-922-1771 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced commercial property attorney. Let us be your advocate and guide through this challenging time.